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I’m Chris Apple. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with an EECS degree in 1975. I worked for a couple of different companies until 1981 when I started my consulting practice. I have been a software engineering consultant ever since. One of my contracts was with Netscape that developed the first commercial browser. At that time, I registered the domain,, for my consulting practice.

I’ve had a website,, for at least twenty years. It has been a brochure for my consulting practice. Each time I updated the website I had to relearn the tools or use a new tool chain. which was a huge disincentive. The last update was in 2011.

My mother at 93 has been urging me to update it. I decided it was time and thought I would try a new tool chain, WordPress, for the update.






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  1. ChristianApple Avatar was a trial website that I haven’t gotten around to deleting. You can see a more fleshed out version at

    I was able to move the content from my old website to WordPress by copying and pasting. I downloaded my old website to my local computer prior to the copy/paste.

    It got more difficult once I wanted to deviate from the copy/paste results. I watched some videos on the WordPress block editor that helped a lot. I found the “row” block very useful. For every paragraph, I would create a row. I would then usually add column blocks in the row and finally a paragraph, image or media block into the column.

    I’m happy with the switch to WordPress. When I want to make a change, I enter and I can edit and view the changes in real time.